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point and i think generally speaking i think keep kids of ehe lektlek elected officials out of politics, do you agree. >> i agree. >> sean: but i mentioned major hasan and it didn't fit in the narrative. >> anytime you use children in any context, it's a dicey proposition and you have to be careful and the president and his children are in a different category. >> sean: i thought it was creepy and exploited. >> and you use the children in campaign ads and certainly in 2008 with joint interviews with michelle and so on. he also used at least one child when he signed obamacare, the health care bill into law so he has been known to use children as props. the reason today was different in this particular case, sean, because you're dealing with an issue that involves violence and especially violence against children, so to have those children there and to sort of drape himself in it, is sort of cynical. how can you argue against children? you can't. >> sean: one of the things that bothers me the most in this leslie, we rightly protect our presidents, our mayors, our cabinet officials, hollyw
cannot-- they still cannot get over. they couldn't get over the first election. they're still shocked at the second election, to use a pun, shell shocked. >> sean: and mr. johnson, i have a wild thought perhaps the n.r.a. disagrees with the president's policies because she represent an assault on the second amendment to the constitution. and more, new york congressman charlie rangel said that the races in the south are to blame for the lack of gun laws in that region. >> new york in a the lot of areas and some of the states and some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome. >> sean: so, with reaction to this the entire gun control showdown, author, attorney, david limbaugh and fox analyst, juan williams, juan, your reaction? >> well, i don't think that this is about the president's race, but i think that race has a lot to do with this conversation and that's why i think you have congressman johnson from georgia, saying, hey, look, if you look across the south, high membership in the n.r.a., high amount of gun ownership, principally among whites and in fact, mostly
the election and punishing them now for going against what he wants to do in executive orders tomorrow and i don't see any outrage from the left on this. we get outrage over sandra fluke and things that don't matter and in this case we're talking about a serious situation david keen has received actual threats and a video game, a violent and disgraceful way. >> sean: let me ask you, do you approve of this video game? >> i don't approve of a lot of video games. >> sean: i ask you this one, targets that literally shows shooting n.r.a. members, is that okay with you? >> what it's about, showing the n.r.a. if you want the right to own a firearm, any kind of firearm, this is the kind of product we'll get, and the kind of video game. >> sean: you approve of it and fine with it. >> no, i'm not fine with it, but limit freedom of speech, and the second amendment. someone who can create a video game. >> sean: don't put words in my mouth, did i say to ban it? no, i'm talking about the appropriateness and the hypocrisy and double standards and silence of the left that went after sarah palin because she
, for example, we use armed guards to protect our elected politicians, our president, our mayors, our capital officials, money in a bank, hollywood stars, they hire bo dietl, right? we have courthouses and stadiums, office buildings and airports, they all have armed guards, right. >> sure. >> sean: why were people attacking, and suggesting maybe retired police officers or military be put in schools to prevent this from happening. >> it's ridiculous, they attacked me for opposing what doesn't work, one more gun law and attacked me for supporting what does work which is school security. what it really boils down to is the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the political and media elite in the country. most of their kids when they go to school they're protected by the police in the school and armed security. >> do they do that at colleges around the country. armed guards. we do and a third of the schools have security right now what president clinton proposed this years ago and yet, wayne says lets make people safe and they call me crazy, everything under the sun. i could care less because what i'm prop
the facts to the american people. i know we lost the election and he is our president, but it's also true that even the exit polling that very day when people asked not by plurality, but majority, government is too big. don't think that government is too small. when asked, three quarters of americans say spending is the problem not revenue. so people are receptive to our message, sean, we've got to get it out there and know what the facts are. $130,000 per family what the de debt. irresponsible today talking about republicans wanting to gut medicare and social security? we want to save and preserve for the future. he also said that we want to slash spending, no, it's about how much spending increase you have over the next ten years, the next 20 years. so, i think when we take this to the american people, we have a great opportunity. >> sean: let me ask you, you're going to have to vote on a couple of nominees, hagel, lew, kerry, any problems from your perspective for any of them? >> yeah, we have to ask the tough questions. with regard to chuck hagel in particular, on a bipartisan basis,
have to do. i know that you know we'll -- the election, you and know, he's our president. but it's also true that the exit poll on that very day, when asked people, a majority said government is too big. when asked now, including last week, three quarters of americans say spend sgt problem not revenue. people are receptive. we've just got to get it out interest there. $130,000 per family is the debt. and talking about republicans want to gut medicare and social security? we want to save it for the future. he said he want to slash spending? no. it's about how much increase you have over next 10, 20 years. i think when we take this to the american people we have a great opportunity. >> sean: you're going to have to vote on a couple nominees. any problems for any of them? >> we have owe-to-ask tough question was regard to chuck haigel there are deep concerns about the positions he's held, what he's said. how he's on the committee until recently. asking questions in committee you i am going to put forward questions i'm very concerned jack lieu -- we need to talk about, i'm a former budget d
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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